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Are you thinking about installing business security cameras? They are an easy way to protect your business, if so we’d like to help. They are also surprisingly affordable.

Business security camera systems are flexible. They can be standalone systems or part of electronic access control (EAS) or alarm systems. The variety of options means that cameras can help any business. 

Are cameras suitable for your business? To answer that question, you need to understand their main benefits. 

  • Cameras help deter criminals. No one wants to be caught in the act. Visible cameras remind people they are being watched.
  • Cameras save you money. They not only reduce loss through theft but also fraud. They may help lower business insurance rates. 
  • Cameras can help increase employee safety. They deter criminals. When used with EAS systems, cameras can allow for secure remote access or check-ins. They let you monitor out-of-sight areas. 
  • Cameras capture crimes. Police can use video to identify suspects. 

Video Surveillance Security Systems

A video surveillance security system (VSS) uses cameras. These cameras do more than help monitor your business. VSSs record and store footage. The specifications of different VSSs vary wildly. They can be old school or cutting edge. 

Some companies still rely on wired analog systems. They used VHS tapes for storage. VHS had space and time storage constraints. Analog systems only saved footage for short periods. Their images were also of poor quality. 

Poor quality and short storage times meant older systems were less effective. Would the images be clear enough to ID someone? Would they be used before being deleted? No one knew the answers to those questions. Criminals relied on that uncertainty.

VSS has come a long way. Today’s systems offer many benefits. Are they easier to install? Yes, because they can be wired or wireless. Do they provide better recordings? Yes, because digital captures better images than analog. Can you save more data? Yes, because of the cloud.

Digital Video Recording Systems Versus Network Video Recorders

The type of system you get depends on your needs. There are two main options: DVRs and NVRs.

Digital Video Recording systems (DVRs) use local storage to record images from one or two cameras. Local storage consists of hard drives, disks, or USB devices. They are managed in-house. 

DVR systems have benefits. You can DIY DVR camera setups. They might handle all of a small business’s needs.They are great for temporary security issues. 

DVR systems have limits. They are limited to the number of cameras they can support. They physically store images. Therefore, they lack scalability.

Network Video Recorder systems (NVRs) provide more options. They also offer greater coverage. NVRs use servers to record data. The servers can be onsite or offsite. NVRs can record imagines from multiple cameras. They can also store images for longer.

Security Cameras and Insurance

Many businesses run on razor-thin margins. Owners have to choose between wants and needs. VSS often fall into the want category. However, security is a need. It should be a priority. 

By saving you money, cameras can pay for themselves. Cameras can help lower insurance rates. These savings are business-specific. You should talk to your insurer to find out more. 

Comply with Regulations

Some industry rules or laws require cameras. Does your business need cameras? Are you governed by federal, state, or local laws or industry rules? PSA Houston can help. 

Deter Criminals

The number one reason to get cameras is to deter crime. People are less likely to commit crimes if they think they will get caught. Security cameras are a constant reminder that someone is watching. They encourage criminals to look for easier targets. 

Prevent Vandalism

When people think of business security, they usually think of burglaries. Next, they think of theft. However, vandalism is an even greater risk to most businesses. Many dismiss it as a petty crime, but graffiti is expensive. Dealing with a single incident of vandalism costs businesses an average of over $3000. For many companies, this represents their most significant crime risk. $3000 is more than they would lose in a single burglary or shoplifting incident. 

Prevent Shoplifting and Theft

Every minute, small businesses across America lose at least $25,000 to shoplifters. No retail business is immune. If you have a retail business, someone will try to steal from you. It is impossible to watch every customer physically. 

If you try, it makes your store unwelcoming. Shoppers leave when they feel watched. Losing sales can hurt profits as much as product loss. What can you do? 

Visible business security cameras can help deter shoplifting. They let you watch customers without being invasive. Hidden security help catch shoplifters who think they are sneaky. Using both types of cameras is the best approach. They can deter and capture crime.

Prevent Fraud

The customer is always right. You hear that as a business owner. The problem is that sometimes the customer is wrong. Customers make mistakes. Those mistakes can cost you money. Being able to review footage helps you correct errors. 

The bigger problem is scammers. Scammers make credible accusations to get money. How do you tell a scammer from an actual client? You cannot tell by looking at them. If you err on the side of customer service, you lose money. If you err on the other side, you lose customers.

Security cameras show you customer interactions. You can review them when a customer has a suspicious complaint. You can make your decisions based on what the footage shows. You no longer have to rely on what a customer says. That makes you less vulnerable to fraud and customer mistakes. 

Prevent Employee Theft

No one likes to think about employees stealing from them. That is especially true for small firms. However, it happens a lot. Theft by employees can be your biggest loss. Half of employee theft happens in small companies with fewer than 25 employees. Knowing cameras are recording can help deter employee theft. 

Prevent Burglaries

Criminals like easy targets. Make it harder to get inside your building, and you make it less likely to be targeted. Security systems make it harder to get into your building. 

Business security cameras do not make it harder to gain access. They still help prevent crime. Clever thieves want to avoid getting caught. That is how cameras can help you deter thieves. 

Monitor Parking Lots

You want your employees and customers safe in your parking lots. Installing cameras outside allows a single person to monitor your entire facility. They let you see what is happening outside. Cameras may not offer the same protection as security guards, but they are better than unmonitored lots.

Increase Customer Well Being

Customers who feel safe at your business are more likely to use it. They are also more likely to recommend it. Security cameras send a positive message to customers. They say you care about customer safety. They also show a willingness to invest in your business. 

Protect Your Reputation

Almost anyone can review your business. People can say they were customers, even if they were not. A personal issue could lead to lousy business reviews. Shady competitors can also leave bad reviews. Having video of customers lets you determine if an event really happened. You can respond with facts. It can help you avoid the impact of a false bad review.

Improve Sales

One of the hidden uses of cameras is to improve sales. They allow you to watch customer behavior in your business. You can see movement patterns and change things accordingly. With this information, you can take advantage of high-traffic areas. 

Protect Yourself from Lawsuits

Having someone claim an injury on your premises can be a legal nightmare. The nightmare gets worse if they claim harassment or intentional damage by one of your employees. Cameras help you see what happened. Recordings can help you in court. They can also help settle any disputes before you get to court. A few seconds of footage can save you thousands of dollars. 

Lower Labor Costs

Do you need security guards? The answer depends on many factors. How big is your business? Are you in a high-risk industry? Are you in a high-risk area? Cameras are not always a substitute for security guards. 

However, if what you need is an increased ability to monitor your premises, cameras can do that. Using cameras alone or in combination with guards can help lower your labor costs. Cameras can help guards watch multiple areas. 

Scalable Surveillance

One of the best things about modern business security camera systems is that they are scalable. You can add or subtract them as your needs change. That gives you the flexibility to focus on specific areas. You can even monitor employees suspected of wrongdoing.

Help Law Enforcement

Cameras help law enforcement. They can help ID criminals that target your business. They can even help ID criminals that hit neighboring properties. 

PSA Houston for Your Business Security Camera Needs

Think security cameras might be the right solution for you? PSA Houston can help you decide. We provide comprehensive security analyses. We factor in your location, type of business, and specific risks. 

We provide you with security camera options that can work as standalone, with your existing security system, or with a new EAS system. We work within your budget to meet your needs. Contact us to find out more. 

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