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Fire Alarm Systems

To keep your customers, employees, and business safe – you need to rely on the best. At PSA Electronic Systems, your Houston fire specialists, we consider every facet of your business to create a customized security solution. Once we understand your business goals, we walk you through our design and installation process. We also include every key feature of your fire alarm system and how to operate them. No matter the size of your business, PSA Electronic Systems will adhere to city fire codes and provide you with the most in fire alarm systems.

Our Process Follows Code

There are lots of regulations that need to be carefully followed. Therefore, we’ll include professionally engineered plans and permits for the city, county or local jurisdictional authority for a turnkey project start to finish. The fire alarm control panels and initiating devices we use are non-proprietary and state of the art. They are made by leading manufacturers including Silent Knight and Fire Lite. We also provide high quality peripherals as well, such as System Sensor audio and visual devices. All of our equipment is U.L. listed and is backed by the manufacturer’s warranty. PSA Electronic System of Houston understands that protecting the business you’ve worked so hard to build is one of your priorities. We are the experts that install adequate fire protection following all applicable local, state and national codes.

Benefits & Features

Quicker Evacuation Time

Fire alarm systems are designed to alert of a potential fire, and more importantly, evacuate your building’s occupants as soon as possible. Our systems are designed to signal at the early stages of a fire – giving everyone enough time to vacate the property.

Decreased Fire Damage

Our state-of-the-art fire alarm systems are designed to detect the earliest stages of a fire – limiting the amount of damage to your property and assets. With PSA Electronic Systems, your business is our priority.

Horns and Strobes for the Hearing-Impaired

To ensure the safety of your building’s occupants, our fire alarm systems are also equipped with a combination of audible and visual systems to alert those hearing-impaired.

Smoke Detectors

Our fire alarm systems feature advanced smoke detectors. Featured with self-diagnostics, our state-of-the-art systems are designed to sound the alarm the moment smoke is detected.

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