How To Deter Burglars From Your Business

Trying to secure your business? Here are some tips for how deter burglars from your business.

Have you recently started a business and you don’t know how to deter burglars from your business? Burglar proof solutions will ensure that you have peace of mind anytime you are far from the business. Additionally, they ensure that all your business is well protected.

You can opt to install burglar proof doors in your business as this will deter the burglars. Additionally, installing security systems and alarms will ensure that your business is monitored.

Around 278,600 break-ins occurred during the night while 486,006 occurred during the day in 2016. It’s for this reason you should ensure that your security system is updated and have burglar proof of your business. Here is how to deter burglars from your business.

1. Keep The Light On

Keeping the lights on around outside your business can help deter burglars from your business. This is because when you have enough light on the outside people can see any activities going on. Ensure that there is enough light on the entryway since this is where most activities take place. If you have a backdoor, ensure that the place is well lit. This provides enough light to your business.

Additionally, ensure that you have provided enough light on the inside. This allows any activity that is happening inside to be seen by the people outside. Additionally, this allows the security system to record any activities in the business.

2. Lock All The Windows And Doors After Hours

Ensure that you have locked the burglar doors outside. This is done by ensuring that all the doors and windows are closed. Before leaving after hours to ensure that you have locked all the doors and windows of your business. Double check every door and window before leaving because sometimes when in a hurry you might end up forgetting to lock up. Get a strong and sturdy lock that will discourage any burglar.

Moreover, you should be a deadbolt lock which is hard to break in. When your doors are hard to open this frustrates the burglar, and they live. Because when they continue trying to open the door, somebody may notice the odd behavior.

3. Protect Your Assets

You need to learn how to protect your assets from burglars. This can be done by ensuring that you have a safe in your business. You need a safe to keep all your valuables and money.

Ensure that your safes are located at the front where any suspicious activity can be noticed rather than at the back where no one can see them. This will limit burglars from having the courage to go through your safe in case you are not around. You also need to install access control systems to make sure only authorised people can access secure areas of your business. 

Additionally, you need to protect your cash registers and remove any money in your business before locking up. When you develop a habit of carrying money from your business in the evening, the burglars won’t make your business a target.

4. Install A Security System

Having a security system in your business deters any burglar. No burglar will target a place that has a working security system and an alarm sound. You need to ensure that your business has the best security system you can find.

Look for perfect alarm systems and have them installed in your business. You need to ensure that the security system is set up on the entrance. This ensures that you can spot any activity and people getting in and out of your business.

If you happen to get robbed, you can easily track the culprit. Additionally, a great surveillance system allows you to have peace of mind and be at ease when you are at home. This is because you are sure that your business is safe and secured.

5. Hire Responsible Staffs And Train Them

Most of the burglary incidents that occur are usually internal jobs. This means that the people you have hired to work for you are responsible for the theft. They plan everything, and you end up losing a lot of money and assets in your business.

Ensure that you know the people you are hiring, and they have qualified for the job. This will limit any cases of theft. Also, you need to train your staff on how to lock up the business after hours. This will limit any chances that they can forget to lock up. Also, get one of your trusted employees to be dropping off money from your business to the bank. This ensures that your business is not a target for theft.

6. Burglar Proofing Your Business

You need to burglar proof your business to ensure that the burglars have a hard time getting in. You can put burglar proof doors that will ensure that your business is protected from theft.

Additionally, you need to make use of heavy metal window screens to protect your display cases. Especially if you own a jewelry store, this is an inexpensive method to protect your assets. Also, you can put burglar resistant glass, which is a sandwich of plastic between two sheets of glass. This adds more resistant to the glass window. This does not mean that they can’t be broken into. It adds more resistant to the windows, and it will require more hammering to get in.

7. Community Watch

You can use a good old fashion community watch. This works by developing a great relationship with your business neighbors. Talk to the person who has a business next to yours or opposite.

Ensure you have a good working relationship and a great understanding. It doesn’t matter if you are both targeting the same customers. You need to have a good relationship with your neighbors to help you keep an eye on your business.

It would work well if you tend to lock up early than your neighbors. When you have a great relationship with your neighbors, they can keep watch on any suspicious business. This allows you to be a peace when you are at home. You can also keep an eye on their business and report any suspicious behavior. This strengthens your bond and promotes security in the area.

Bottom Line

There are a few tips on how to deter burglars from your business. They include adding a security camera and alarm systems in your business. Also, you can install lighting in your place as this will make it easier for people to see any suspicious activity. Contact us to get some of the amazing deals in security systems.

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